Coronavirus Support

If you are a migrant or person seeking asylum during the COVID-19 pandemic, this page explains how you can find out more information on how to protect yourself and stay safe.

Join the World Health Organization WhatsApp Health Alert

The World Health Organization WhatsApp Health Alert provides vital information on COVID-19 to help keep people safe during the global outbreak. The service includes information on symptoms of COVID-19 as well as how people can protect themselves and others. 

The service is free and can be activated by following these easy steps:

Click on this link and type “hi” into the chatbox to start a conversation with the WHO chatbot. Users are then offered a range of options providing more details about the pandemic, including information on the latest numbers, how to protect yourself and rumours circulating about COVID-19.

Alternatively add the number +41 22 501 76 55 as a contact on WhatsApp to access direct information about the COVID-19 pandemic.

Situation for migrants transiting through countries affected by the COVID-19 pandemic

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many countries have sealed their borders in an attempt to contain the situation. This is severely impacting migrants travelling to and residing within their borders. As a result, many migrants are stuck in transit or host countries and unable to leave the camps and reception centres due to strict lockdown measures. The pandemic is also putting strain on the governmental and non-governmental organisations which assist asylum seekers. Overall, asylum seekers should expect delays and additional measures that could disrupt the processing of their claims at this time.

Two French men jailed for helping migrants cross the English Channel

Two French men have been sentenced to prison for helping irregular migrants to cross the English Channel. The first of the two men is the owner of a second-hand boat firm, who has been convicted of...
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Hundreds of migrants protest deportations in an airport terminal in Paris

Hundreds of irregular migrants gathered at the airport of the French capital Paris, to protest the deportation of other irregular migrants. The migrants being deported from France were either...
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French coast guard intercepts nine migrants attempting to cross the English Channel

On Sunday 19 May, the French coast guard intercepted a small boat attempting to cross the English Channel with nine migrants on board. The eight men and a child, who identified themselves as...
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