Forced returns

Even if you do reach the UK on one of these dangerous routes, there is a high chance you will be caught and removed upon or after your arrival. If you are eligible to apply for asylum, you will have to do so in the first European country you passed through due to an EU law called the Dublin Regulation. This law means that asylum seekers are the responsibility of the first European country they reach. So the UK may return you to another European country if you want to claim asylum.

If you are not eligible to make an asylum claim, the UK will return you to your home country. If your asylum claim is rejected and you do not voluntarily leave the country, the UK Immigration Enforcement (UK-IE) may arrange a forced return at any time.

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French police clears largest migrant camp near Calais

Around 200 migrants were forced to abandon an informal camp in France after police cleared the area on 12 March 2019. Before its destruction, the camp, known as the Verrotières or Chemin du...
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Libya detention riot leaves dozens of migrants injured

About 50 migrants have been injured when guards came in to stop a protest by migrants and asylum seekers at a detention centre in Tripoli, Libya, on 26 February 2019. According to the UN Refugee...
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European Court Rules in Favour of Child Migrant

France has been ordered by the European Union Court of Human Rights to pay an unaccompanied Afghan child migrant EUR 15,000. The fine was imposed for failure to protect the 12-year-old migrant when...
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