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Waka Abroad... Make una call awa hotlines for ogbonge advice

Una get any kweshon for waka abroad mata? Una wan sabi more tori about all de gbege wey dey inside am or una wan make we give you alternative? Call awa local people wey dey ground to give you correct informate about waka abroad mata and to give you ansa for any kweshon wey una get. All call dey secret. Local rate dem go charge you.

Nak us email if una get any kweshon about waka abroad mata

Send us email wey contain ya kweshon and awa staff wey dey ground go answer you sharp sharp. We dey handle all una emails in secret.

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Thousands of girls from Delta State dey trapped for Mali as victims of trafficking and one chance

Na at least 10,000 women and gehs wey come from Delta State, Nigeria, dey trapped for insode Mali and oda African kountries where dem dey force dem to work, and for many cases na as prostitute. Dis...
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Hundreds of waka abroad pipu wey dem caught off Libya coast and returned to detention centres

Almost 500 waka abroad pipu  wey dey try to reach Europe on top blown-blown rubber boat don get caught by Libya’s coastguard during six operations ova de course of wan week in September 2019. Dem...
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Thirteen women don pai, 8 shildren miss afta ovacrowded wakabroad boat sink near Italy

De Italian coast guard don recover de bodies of 13 female waka abroad pipu from boat wey turn ova near de Italian island of Lampedusa for 6 October. Many of dose wey dey on board de boat still dey...
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