Gambian migrant dies in Italy

Sanna Dampha, an irregular migrant from Brufut in The Gambia, has been reported dead on the Italian island of Sicily.
The cause of his death is yet to be established but close friends said he died a sudden natural death.

“He complained of illness shortly after coming from work, then decided to take a rest in his room, where he passed away,” Famara Drammeh, Secretary of the Brufut Diaspora Association explained.

According to Drammeh, the corpse of the deceased is currently with the police who are conducting a postmortem.
The death of Sanna has left several of his friends and relatives in shock. Sheikh Drammeh, a Gambian migrant in Italy, is one of them.

“I’m very devastated to hear the sad news of someone who died in the cause of finding a better place to help his family back home, especially after taking the perilous back way,” Sheikh Drammeh said.

“Sanna came together with my brother to Italy from Libya. They were all in the same (refugee) camp, before Sanna was transferred to another camp and then lived in a rented house later,” Sheikh recounted.

Family sources said Sanna had a history of severe stomach aches. They hailed him as a hardworking and helpful person.

The Italian police is yet to hand over the body for the funeral. However, the Gambian Consulate in Italy said the government of Italy will not be responsible for the repatriation of the body, since Samma no longer resided in a refugee camp.

Meanwhile, friends and compatriots in the diaspora have started to raise money to fund the repatriation of his body to The Gambia.

TMP – 23/04/2019

Photo credit: Friend of the deceased
Caption: Sanna Dampha, walking along the streets of Sicily, a few days before his death.