Life in the UK

You might be considering travelling to the United Kingdom as an irregular migrant. Because the UK is not the first European country you have passed through, you won’t be entitled to claim asylum there – you have to do that in the first European country you reached.

If you can’t claim asylum and you enter the UK irregularly – without passing the border checks – you will not be allowed to live and work there. You will also not be entitled to benefits from the UK government.

Irregular migrants are not allowed to work. If they do find jobs as undocumented workers, it often means working for unfair employers. Usually, they do not earn enough money to support themselves. Migrants who apply for asylum are usually not allowed to work while their application is being processed.

If you’re currently considering migrating irregularly to the UK, contact us on our hotline today to find out more about legal alternatives and the realities of life in the UK.

Click here to find out more about life in Europe as a irregular migrant.

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