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Every day, people make the difficult decision to leave their homes in search of a better future. Many risk their lives attempting to reach Europe.

Are you thinking of migrating or have you already emigrated? Learn more about your legal options and the risks of irregular migration to help you make an informed decision about migration.

Covid 19 And Migration

Everything you need to know about Covid 19
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Guide to Key Migration Terms

There are many reasons why people make the difficult decision to leave their homes. Some are fleeing persecution while others are...
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The Risks of Irregular Migration

Are you or is someone you know considering travelling to Europe as an irregular migrant? In other words, are you thinking about...
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Safe and Legal Alternatives

Every year, thousands of people attempt to migrate to a different country without a valid visa or permit. Many are not fully...
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Life in Europe as a Migrant

Many irregular migrants embark on the journey to Europe in the hope of building a better future. However, the reality is often...
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All information on this site is not legal advice. It is general information to help you make more informed decisions about migration.

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