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Are your students considering migration?

Help keep them safe by providing reliable information through an awareness-raising session!

At The Migrant Project, we empower teachers to sensitise students in their schools about migration, human trafficking, and modern slavery. By providing your students reliable information, you can better equip them to make informed decisions.

In our Teaching Resources Hub, we provide you with a handbook to help you conduct awareness-raising sessions with your students

Teachers’ Handbook

Teachers’ Handbook

This handbook is as a practical manual and guide for teachers when conducting awareness-raising sessions on irregular migration and its alternatives among students aged 13 – 18 years.

Watch this video to learn how to use the guide, then click the button below to download your copy!

Teachers' Testimonies

The session had gone a long way to shift the mindset of the students about the mad rush for “greener pastures”

[This training] will expand my students’ knowledge. They will be able to understand that all that glitter is not gold.

[This session] will make my students differentiate between regular and irregular traveling

[This training] will be of great value in that it will guide my students against falling into wrong hands.

Need support?

Yes! Our Educational Outreach Officers provide training and support to teachers across Nigeria. This short, free course helps teachers deliver high-quality awareness-raising sessions using our resources.

Currently, our Educational Outreach Training is on hold. If you’d like to state your interest in receiving training in future when it resumes, please fill in this form.

Our resources are open for everyone to use. We encourage you to share them with your colleagues! If your colleague would like to receive training from one of our official trainers, please ask them to fill in this form. We’ll reach out if official training in your area becomes available again

No, we do not provide funding. We can only support you with advice and information, via this page or an Educational Outreach Officer when the training resumes.

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