EU proposes migrant action plan for Italy

TMP – 21/07/2017

The European Commission has pledged 35 million Euros to help Italy process the high number of migrants landing on the country’s shores as they cross the Mediterranean from Libya.

An action plan has also been unveiled to help streamline

the Italian asylum and returns system. It is hoped the new measures will speed up the return of many economic migrants, who represent the vast majority of those arriving in Italy, back to their home country. There are also proposals for Italy to increase the maximum period of detention for asylum seekers.

In addition, the European Commission is encouraging Italy to make greater use of the Assisted Voluntary Returns and Reintegration procedures, in cooperation with the International Organization for Migration, for those migrants who want to voluntarily return home.

To prevent migrants from undertaking the dangerous boat crossings from Libya the plan announces investment in training and equipping Libya’s coastguard.

The European Commission’s action plan also calls for better cooperation between the Italian and other Mediterranean rescue agencies and encourages Tunisia, Egypt and Algeria to join EU efforts to prevent illegal migration.