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One-stop-shops in Ethiopia to provide essential services for refugees

Centres dedicated to providing essential services for refugees is launching across Ethiopia to support access to common services in line with the country’s new refugee law. The first centre opened...
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German parliament makes it easier to deport asylum seekers, and retain skilled migrants

The German parliament has passed a new package of bills in an effort to better managed migration and asylum in the country.  The bills will make it more difficult for rejected asylum seekers to stay...
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More support for Horn of Africa migrants returning home

Irregular migrants in the Horn of Africa will be eligible to access much-needed support to travel and reintegrate into their home countries if they decide to return. In May 2019, the International...
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The world is on the move

Millions of people are migrating right now, and most of them are facing the harsh realities of what migration means in the 21st century.

We provide facts and current news on migration in multiple languages that is easily understandable and accessible to migrants.

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