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Over 80 migrants to be deported from Libya

Photo credit: AFP. African migrants detained in Libya. TMP – 19/01/2018 Authorities in eastern Libya have said they will deport 81 migrants from Eritrea, Ethiopia and Somalia who have been...
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UN to resettle migrants trapped in Libya in Niger

Photo credit: AFP. Ivorian migrants returning from Libya as they arrive at the airport of Abidjan on 20 November 2017 TMP – 18/01/2018 The UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) announced plans on 11...
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Hundreds of refugees in Ethiopia admitted to universities

Photo credit: Ethiopian News Agency. Eritrean refugees students. TMP – 18/01/2018 About 450 refugees in Ethiopia were given permission to study at Ethiopian universities at the end of 2017....
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The world is on the move

Millions of people are migrating right now, and most of them are facing the harsh realities of what migration means in the 21st century.

We provide facts and current news on migration in multiple languages that is easily understandable and accessible to migrants.

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