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Smugglers take Kurdish migrants as hostages to extort families

Six Kurdish migrants, aged 17-20, were taken hostage in Istanbul, tortured and forced to feature in videos claiming they have arrived in France, according to the Iraqi Federation of Refugees. Roj...
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Germany partners with Nigeria against irregular migration

As part of measures to reduce the rate of irregular migration to Europe, Germany and Nigeria have signed three Memoranda of Understanding (MoU) to increase economic opportunities in the West African...
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New ‘Youth Empowerment Project’ initiative set to offer 965 spots in technical and vocational skills training

A training programme designed to empower young people with technical and vocational skills has been launched in The Gambia. Nine hundred and sixty-five youths from across from the country will...
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The world is on the move

Millions of people are migrating right now, and most of them are facing the harsh realities of what migration means in the 21st century.

We provide facts and current news on migration in multiple languages that is easily understandable and accessible to migrants.

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