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JSF to create 3,000 jobs for women and youth

Speaking at the launch of the Jobs, Skills and Finance for Women and Youth Programme (JSF), the Head of Cooperation for the EU Delegation to The Gambia, Stephane Meert, said that the programme will...
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Gambian migrant commits suicide after rejected asylum application

A 22-year-old Gambian has committed suicide after his application for political asylum in Italy was rejected. The man, identified as Amadou Jawo, arrived in Italy two years ago to apply for political...
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Migrant deaths in the Mediterranean exceed 2,000 this year

After another 17 migrants died on the journey across the Mediterranean on 5 November 2018, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) said the number of migrant deaths in the...
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The world is on the move

Millions of people are migrating right now, and most of them are facing the harsh realities of what migration means in the 21st century.

We provide facts and current news on migration in multiple languages that is easily understandable and accessible to migrants.

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