French Prime Minister lays out new migrant plan

TMP – 24/07/2017

French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe has outlined a new plan to deport more failed asylum seekers, quicken asylum claim decisions and increase housing for those that are granted asylum in the country.

The Prime Minister pledged, France would become “more efficient” in deporting those who are in the country illegally. Of the 91,000 migrants detained for being in France illegally last year, 31,000 were ordered to leave the country.

Evidence of pressures in France have seen Paris officials forced to clear migrant camps in a single neighborhood 34 times in the past two years. Hundreds of migrants have also returned to the city of Calais in northern France since a huge makeshift camp nicknamed ‘The Jungle’ was cleared in October last year.

As part of the plan, France will help stabilize countries like Libya, from where many migrants set off to reach Europe, and will work more closely with Italy to help stem the flow of migrants crossings the Mediterranean.