Germany reaches deal with Egypt to curb migrant flows

TMP – 20/09/2017

In an attempt to stop the flow of migrants from Egypt to Europe, Germany last week struck a deal with the North African country.

Thousands of African migrants have been using Egypt as a transit country to reach Europe. The Germany-Egypt deal aims to fight illegal migration and people smugglers. As part of the agreement, Germany will provide African migrants with better living conditions in Egypt.
Speaking on behalf of German Chancellor Angela Merkel, spokesman Steffen Seibert said.

“Under this agreement, there are a number of measures for political and economic support so that a better climate and better living conditions can be achieved for refugees in Egypt,” Seibert said.

“Together, we will set up a center for jobs, migration and reintegration”, he added. This center will be based in Egypt.

During the same week, French President Emmanuel Macron hosted a summit, attended by leaders from Germany, Italy, Spain, Libya, Chad and Niger, aimed at stemming illegal migration from African countries to Europe. Speaking during the summit Macron said he wanted to set up safe zones in Niger and Chad from where migrants can apply for asylum in Europe.

“The centres would prevent women and men from taking unwise risks in an extremely dangerous area and then in the Mediterranean,” Macron said.