Germany deports Afghan migrants

Photo credit: DPA

TMP – 13/11/2017

Germany deported fourteen Afghan migrants on 25 October, in what some activists say is a stepping up of its deportation campaign.
The plane carrying the Afghan migrants departed from Leipzig airport in eastern Germany and landed early morning in Kabul, according to Afghan border police.

All 14 of the deportees were men. Eleven of them had been deported for committing crimes such as records for acts including manslaughter, causing grievous bodily harm, the sexual abuse of children, fraud and theft in Germany.

The other three Afghans had refused to cooperate with German authorities by disclosing their identities.
Since a deal aimed at curbing the influx of migrants was struck between the respective governments of Afghanistan and Germany in October of last year,

Germany has deported more than 128 migrants – mainly young men – on six separate flights.
Migrants who have been convicted of crimes, suspected of terrorist activity or who refuse to cooperate in establishing their identities are all likely candidates to be deported from Germany.

Saxony state interior minister Markus Ulbig told public broadcaster MDR that Germany was sending a “loud and clear message” that those not granted refugee status following an official review “no longer have a right to be in Germany”.