The Desert, The Sea, and The High Way?! Blue Table Talk Ep 3 – Season 2

In this episode of the Blue Table Talk Series, Host Enitan Oteju Ibironke discusses the topic “The Desert, The Sea, and The HighWay?” with guest
Ms. Rita Abu – Returnee/Web Developer and Ms. Ruth O. Stephen-Eromosele – TMP Migration Counsellor
[04:28] What are the insights or the key challenges that are related to irregular migration?
[04:33] What are the primary risks that people face going through irregular migration?
[06:52] When people are embarking on an irregular migration journey, do they actually ever get to the destination?
[08:14] What role do you think the political, social, and economic context plays in the push factors for irregular migration?
[12:38] What measures can the government take to reduce this issues of irregular migration as well as the risk attached to it?
[16:37] What kind of global cooperation and collaboration can we look at?
[17:56] What measures can we, as people or society, take to actually mitigate this risk that are associated with irregular migration?
[18:12] How do we promote sustainable, regular migration?
[22:58] How can awareness campaigns and education be used to reduce risk associated with irregular migration?