First of a kind women’s TV channel launched in Afghanistan

TMP – 06/06/2017

The first TV channel dedicated entirely to women has just started broadcasting from Kabul. Zan TV (“Women’s TV”) has a staff of all female presenters and producers and caters exclusively to a female audience.

“I am so happy that this TV station has been created for women because there are women in our society who are not aware of their rights,” said 20-year-old Khatira Ahmadi, a producer at the station.

“So this station represents women and we work to raise the voice of women so they can defend their rights,” she added.

While women’s rights and education and media freedom are among the biggest achievements in Afghanistan since the fall of the Taliban regime, women in the media is still a rare sight.

Hamid Samar, the founder of Zan TV, explained that female audiences across Afghanistan are keen for news and discussion that reflects their own experience.

“There has been a lot of talk about women’s rights and media rights,” Hamid said. “But we’ve never seen anything special for women and that’s why we have done this,” he added.

Zan TV has a very low budget and operates out of a basic studio in Kabul. The station will primarily focus on talk shows, as well as health and music programmes.

Some of the staff, like Khatira Ahmadi, have had to cope with disapproving family members. However, Ahmadi believes that giving a new generation of women a chance to work in the media is a real benefit to the station.

“I came to share my experience with colleagues here and I am really happy working along with the other girls,” Khatira said.