Over 200 migrants arrested in Turkey in one day

Photo credit: AFP. A boatload of migrants are intercepted by the Romanian coastguard on September 13.

TMP – 17/10/2017

Turkish police have reported that as many as 200 migrants were arrested across the country on 27 September.

Security officials, speaking on condition of anonymity, told Anadolu News Agency of one case where some 35 migrants were intercepted and detained in Canakkale province as they were trying to reach the Greek islands. According to the officials, the migrants – all Afghan nationals – were intercepted by the Turkish coastguard off the coast of Ayvacik.

Around 58 other migrants from Iraq and Syria were arrested in northwestern Kirklareli province. Two people smugglers were detained along with the migrants, who were preparing to make the journey to Greece.

Meanwhile, in northwestern Edirne province, Turkish security forces stopped a minibus carrying migrants from Pakistan and detained them, along with two smugglers.

Police in western Izmir province detained some 38 Syrian nationals, including 17 children, in Dikili district just minutes before their departure toward Greece.

In Cankiri province, police arrested around 80 mainly Afghan and Pakistani migrants, including women and children, on a bus heading for Istanbul. Turkish police has sent all the migrants to immigration centers across the country.

Since Turkey and the EU reached an agreement last year to send migrants who arrive on Greek islands from Turkey back to Turkey, there has been a fall in the number of migrants arriving in Greece.