Afghan migrants deported from Sweden

Photo credit: Thomas Johansson/TT. Police outside the detention centre.

TMP – 25/10/2017

Ten Afghan migrants were deported from Sweden earlier in October on a chartered plane that took off from Gothenburg’s Landvetter airport.

Three of those who were deported had been ordered to leave Sweden because of crimes they had committed, according to Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter. The other migrants had had their asylum applications rejected, either because the migration authorities ruled they were older than first stated or because they turned 18 while waiting for an answer on their asylum application.

Prior to the plane’s departure, more than 100 people, including human rights activists, protested in front of the migrant detention centre where the Afghan nationals were kept, urging authorities not to deport them.

Despite the protests, the Swedish Migration Agency’s position is that security varies across Afghan provinces and that “it is still possible to return to several areas”.

In May, the head of the Migration Agency’s legal department said the agency was monitoring the situation in Afghanistan, but did not confirm any imminent policy changes.

In a statement sent to The Local at the time, he said: “The situation in Afghanistan is serious and has deteriorated in the past year. The security situation however varies between and within different provinces. We note that there is an internal armed conflict in Kabul among other places, with repeated serious attacks. Many asylum seekers from Afghanistan may therefore stay in Sweden, but the situation is not such that everyone is entitled to protection. Each case is assessed on an individual basis.”