Afghan refugee family’s home attacked in Greece

Photo credit: EPA.

TMP – 21/11/2017

An Afghan refugee family’s home was attacked in Greece, authorities said, after a dispute over their 11-year-old son’s right to carry the Greek flag during a national holiday school parade.

Throwing stones, the attackers broke a window in a bedroom where three of the family’s children sleep and threw a note in the room warning the family to “get out of Greece”, the boy’s mother told state agency ANA.

“It was around three in the morning,” the mother said. “The room was full of glass. The children were scared and were crying. Stones kept coming and a beer bottle was found on the bed.”

The family has since asked to be relocated from their Athens apartment, which was provided to them through a UN-sponsored programme.

Greece’s government has condemned the attack. The mayor of Athens, Yiorgos Kaminis, issued a warning to the attackers that such tactics would not curb the government’s commitment to housing and integrating refugees.

Greek officials have also opened an investigation to find out why 11 year-old Amir, who had been drawn in a lottery to carry the Greek flag in last week’s parade commemorating Greece’s World War II struggle, was ultimately prevented from doing so by his school. Instead of being given the flag, Amir carried a sign bearing the school’s name.