Afghan women gain independence through horticulture programme

Photo credit: NHLP. Farida working in her greenhouse.

TMP – 26/01/2018

Farida, an Afghan woman living in the village of Kakara in the Qarabagh district in Kabul, and her entire seven-person family are now thriving from the food she produces in her greenhouse.

Farida first started growing fruits and vegetables after she found out that the National Horticulture and Livestock Programme (NHLP) was supporting women with kitchen gardening. Soon after, she began attending training facilitated by the NHLP. After successfully completing the course, Farida started working as a farmer. In 2016, she earned more than 60,000 AFN by selling her vegetables.
By learning this new professional skill, Farida was able to gain independence while supporting all of her children through their education.

“I am much happier now, as I can meet the needs of children.” Farida said. “I feel especially delighted when I see them going to school and I’m leaving behind all the past difficulties that I suffered.”

Now, she encourages other women to participate in the NHLP training sessions to learn how to create their own horticulture business.
In an interview with The Migrant Project, Program Support Specialist at NHLP Assadullah Asad explained the success of the programme.
“The National Horticulture and Livestock Programme is a World Bank funded programme under the supervision of the Ministry of

Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock. It supports various programmes to help reduce poverty among Afghan farmers and help farmers build sustainable gardens, improve poultry farms and kitchen gardening. The programme is run in more than 28 provinces of Afghanistan and has created thousands of jobs inside the country,” Asad explained.

Asad strongly believes that enhanced economic opportunity is key to ensuring Afghanistan’s youth remain in the country and contribute to its growth.

“My message to Afghan youth who migrate from the country is not to leave to an unknown future. Stay in your country and take advantage of the opportunities available,” Asad implored.