Afghan women’s wheelchair basketball team wins Asia championship

Image source: ICRC

TMP – 14/08/2017

The Afghan women’s wheelchair basketball team has won the Fourth Bali Cup in international wheelchair basketball, following the team’s victory over India, Indonesia and Thailand.

“As we promised, we won the tournament. We became the champions. I am glad to have won such an honour for the first time,” said team member Nilofar Bayat.

“The tournament was very good. The teams were powerful, but we got stronger after playing with them and won,” she added.

Fourteen Asian teams participated in the Bali Cup, with the Afghan team taking part for the first time.

“This is the greatest honour we have gained,” said Tahir Yousofi, the team’s coach.

Sport in Afghanistan has experienced strong growth since 2001 and Afghanistan won its first Olympic medal in the London Olympic Games back in 2012.

Following the basketball team’s victory, the Department of Physical Education and Sports promised to provide better sporting opportunities for the athletes.

“In partnership with the Paralympic Federation, we are trying to build a special sports hall for these athletes, and in the coming year we will try to make a separate budget for the Paralympic Federation in agreement with the Ministry of Finance,” said Mirwais Bahawi, the deputy head of the Department of Physical Education and Sports.