Afghanistan will not harbour terrorists

TMP – 21/06/2017

Concerns about Afghanistan becoming a safe haven for terrorist groups have increased following the latest suicide attack in Kabul at the end of May.

Speaking on the subject during a trip to Australia in early June, US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said Washington is committed to fighting terrorist groups in Afghanistan. Tillerson added that the US will do everything it can to prevent Afghanistan harbouring terrorist groups.

“We can never allow Afghanistan to become a platform for terrorism to operate from. And so our commitment to Afghanistan is to ensure that it never becomes a safe haven for terrorists to launch attacks against the civilized world or against any other part of the world or any of their neighbours,” Tillerson said.

US Secretary of Defense James Mattis confirmed that the US stands with the Afghan people’s fight against a common enemy.

“We are not going to surrender civilization to people who can’t win at the ballot box,” Mattis said, referring to the Taliban.

Support was echoed by the Australian government. “They [the Taliban] can’t win a ballot, so they use weapons to try and fight their way out. That’s not something we are ever prepared to see take hold in Afghanistan again,” said Australian Defense Minister Marise Ann.