Four people die after migrant boat capsizes near Spain

At least four people have died after a boat carrying 30 Europe-bound migrants sank off Spain’s Canary Islands, according to emergency services. The small boat capsized near the village of Orzola in the north of Lanzarote island at about 7:30 pm on 24 November.

Five of the migrants onboard reached land while 15 others were rescued and two bodies found, said the spokesperson of the emergency services.

Two other bodies were recovered after further rescue searches, bringing the number of survivors to 28, according to the head of emergency and security services in Lanzarote, Enrique Espinosa. He added that three other people may have died.

Thousands of Sub-Saharan African migrants have been trying to reach Europe through the Canary Islands in recent months. Authorities say the large arrivals have overwhelmed public facilities in the Islands.


Image Credit: Shutterstock

Image Caption: Washed up dinghy – Lesvos