Four pepul don die for migrant boat aksident near Spain

Four pepul don die wen de boat wey cari 30 migrants dey go Europe enta inside water for Canary Island wey dey Spain, na so emergency services com dey tok. Na near Orzola village wey dey for Lanzarote island na dea de aksident hapen around 7:30 pm for 24 November.

Out of de 30 migrants wey inside de boat, five na im reach land, dem com rescue 15 odas, den com find two dead bodies, na pesin wey dey speak for de emergency services, na im tok dis one.

Dem com later find anoda two dead bodies afta dem don seach again for more pepul. De pepul wey suvive com be 28, na so de oga patapata for emergency and security services wey dey for Lanzarote, wey be Enrique Espinosa, com dey tok. E com de suspect say anoda three pepul go don die.

Plenti pepul from Sub-Saharan Africa don dey try make dem folo de Canary Island take enta Europe in recent months. Authorities don dey shout say pepul wey de enta de Islands don pass de facility wey de dea.


Image Credit: Shutterstock

Image Caption: Washed up dinghy – Lesvos