EU to restrict visas for countries unwilling to take back migrants

TMP – 07/07/2017

The European Union (EU) has agreed to restrict visas for African and other countries that refuse to take back irregular migrants who have no right to asylum in Europe.

The EU came to the agreement after a two-day meeting in Brussels, where it agreed to use “all possible levers, including … reassessing visa policy towards third countries.”

Explaining how restricting visits to Europe will push the ruling elites of the target countries to be more willing to take back migrants, a senior EU diplomat said: “We can use visas to convince them to take returns.”

The new measure recognizes  that many of those who currently reach European shores are economic migrants who do not qualify for asylum.

The EU has grown increasingly irritated at the refusal of some African countries to take back irregular migrants who do not qualify for asylum but often destroy their passports to make it harder for them to be deported. It is hoped proposed visa restrictions will spur cooperation from African states to support Europe’s efforts to send more people home.