EU and Ethiopia to collaborate on repatriating Ethiopian migrants

Photo credit: ENA. Ethiopian Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn signs a bilateral agreement on June 2016.

TMP – 20/02/2017

The Ethiopian government is collaborating with the European Union to repatriate those of its citizens who are residing in Europe but who do not possess the relevant paperwork or have a valid asylum application.

“It is indicated that member countries would first submit the names to Ethiopia to identify and then we will issue travel documents and then the return process would then take effect,” Teshome Toga, Ethiopia’s ambassador to the European Union, told the EU Observer.

The Ambassador clarified that Ethiopians in Europe that had qualified for political asylum or for legal residency would not be affected by this procedure. He further indicated that his country would only accept its nationals who are willing to return.

Once the nationals are returned from Europe, the European Commission’s development would pay the reintegration costs.
“The EU has expressed its commitment to support the Ethiopian authorities in the reintegration of Ethiopians returned within this Procedure through appropriate dedicated projects,” a draft copy of the agreement stated.

According to the document, Ethiopian National Intelligence and Security Services will also support nationality determination efforts of Ethiopian migrants who lack proper documentation and help to issue valid travel documents.