UK-bound migrants involved in gunfight and roadblock collision in Calais

Customs agents monitor cars at the French side of the Eurotunnel

TMP – 13/12/2017

Five men have been wounded after two groups of Afghan migrants opened fire on one another in Calais, France on 25 Nov.

A local police source told the Daily Mail: “People smugglers are still charging more than a thousand euros for a passage across the Channel, and if money is not paid, then scores are settled. This is why it is likely that smugglers were involved in this gunfight, and why immigrants were wounded”.

“One of the Afghans was hit in the stomach, and had to be evacuated by helicopter to the university hospital in Lille.” The source said, adding that it was common for rival groups to fall out over smuggling routes into the UK.

Hundreds of police closed down the area where the gunfight took place, as they looked for the weapons used.
Two hours later, a car carrying Afghans and Iraqis rammed a police roadblock in an unrelated incident, leading officers to shoot at them.

Another source in the region that covers Calais said, “The vehicle hit a CRS riot police officer, injuring him in the knee, and this led to other officers opening fire. At least five shots were fired, and the car was brought to a standstill with no injuries. Nine migrants were arrested at the scene.”
The source said people smugglers were among the six Iraqis and three Afghans taken to a secure police station before an expected appearance before a judge.