Thousands attend an exceptional music festival in central Bamyan province

The Damobra Festival took place on 29 June, in a bid to revive Afghanistan’s traditional music and attract domestic and foreign tourists to Bamyan, one of the most liberal provinces of Afghanistan.

Thousands of fans from all over Afghanistan and some foreigners attended the two-day festival, which was held in Band-e-Amir, the first national park of Afghanistan.

Organisers said 11 local bands and around 50 folk singers from five different provinces, including women, performed live at the festival.

“The girls were excited seeing girls singers singing. They encouraged us a lot,” Aziza Akbaryan, a local singer told the Afghanistan-based TOLOnews.

Dancing and a women’s handicraft expo were also part of the festival. A group of dancers from central Daikundi province performed on the stage and were cheered by the audience. A number of local women, who own handicraft businesses, showcased their products during the festival.

A province with both beautiful natural sights and good security, Bamyan is a destination for both local and foreign tourists. Afghan officials have tried to boost the number of incoming tourists by holding festivals such as this one.

“This is the first time that I have attended Dambora Festival. Everything is new to me. I came here to know the new cultures and local music,” Asya Bibi, a Pakistani woman, who is married to an Afghan national, told TOLOnews.

In an interview with TMP, Amir Nawabi, an Afghan freelance journalist who attended the festival, said that he hoped that the tourism sector will boost the livelihood of Afghan locals and discourage them from irregular migration.

“Afghanistan has ancient and beautiful landscapes like Band-e-Amir in Bamyan province. There is hope that the tourism sector will produce economic momentum for Afghans across the country. There are plenty of economic opportunities in the country and now that migration to European countries is even more difficult, the only way is to remain and grab these opportunities for a better life,” Nawabi said.

TMP – 06/08/2018

Photo credit: TOLOnews. Photo caption: A local Afghan band perform traditional music, Bamyan, June 29.



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