Germany pledges money for migrants in Libya

TMP – 27/06/2017

Germany has pledged an additional 3.5 million euros to improve living conditions for migrants held in Libyan detention centres.

The commitment was announced during a visit to Libya by the German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel earlier this month.

Speaking in Tripoli, Mr Gabriel said that many migrants in Libya “are in a desperate situation.” The money, to be paid by 2018, comes in response to a call from UNHCR. The money is in addition to the financial support Germany already provides to a 100-million-euro regional programme run by the International Organization for Migration.

During his visit to Libya, Mr Gabriel described the conditions in Libya’s detention centres as “shameful” and stressed that improving standards was a “pressing task” for the international community.

Mr Gabriel also called on warring factions in Libya to seek peaceful ways of reaching a consensus, emphasizing that dialogue was the only sustainable way of reaching political stability in Libya.

“In order to achieve our aims, Libya’s deeply divided forces must demonstrate a willingness to compromise. Only then will it be possible to calm the fighting and, in the medium term, achieve order and statehood,” he noted.

Germany’s financial pledge follows a recent visit to Libya by Filippo Grandi, the UN High Commissioner for Refugees. During his stay, Grandi met migrants held in detention centres and said that he was “shocked at the harsh conditions in which refugees and migrants are held, generally due to lack of resources.” In response, the UN agency announced that it will be stepping up its presence and programmes in Libya.