Germany to speed up migrant deportations

Germany’s interior minister, Horst Seehofer, has said he is committed to speeding up the asylum process in Germany and ensuring consistent deportations. Seehofer also said there is a need to protect Germany’s liberal values.

In an interview with German newspaper Bild am Sonntag, Seehofer said: “The number of deportations must be significantly increased. We need to take tougher action, especially in the case of criminals and perpetrators among asylum seekers.”

According to Deutsche Welle, Seehofer has previously criticized the immigration policy of German Chancellor Angela Merkel, which saw the arrival of hundreds of thousands of migrants and asylum seekers, mainly from Syria and Afghanistan.
Seehofer said that decisions on asylum applications should be made in a couple of months, rather than a year. He also insisted on “zero tolerance” toward criminals.

“We want to remain an open-minded and liberal country. But when it comes to protecting our citizens, we need a strong state. I will make sure of that,” he said.

A number of criminal incidents involving migrants have sparked anti-immigrant sentiments across Germany. Several German towns have also recently said they cannot accept additional asylum seekers.
Seehofer has also called for increasing video surveillance across the country.

“There has to be a consensus throughout Germany that we must not allow to tolerate lawless zones,” he said.