Hundreds protest against migrants in German town after local girl murdered

TMP – 21/02/2018

Hundreds of residents of the German town of Kandel took to the streets in protest, following the murder of a local teenager, allegedly by her Afghan ex-boyfriend.

According to local media reports, the teenage girl was stabbed to death with a knife in front of a drugstore on 27 December by her 15-year-old ex-boyfriend, a migrant from Afghanistan.

The protesters claimed that migrants have brought risk and instability to the town, as they chanted: “We want security”.
Meanwhile, other Kandel residents held their own protest, gathering in the main square to show support for migrants and defy racism and xenophobia. The pro-refugee protesters carried banners saying “Stand up against racism.”

The accused Afghan teen arrived in Germany as an unaccompanied minor in early 2016. He was living in supervised accommodation for juveniles at the time of the attack.

Angelika Mohlig, a senior German prosecutor, says the boy had been in a relationship with the victim for several months before the girl put an end to the relationship in early December. The girl and her parents had also submitted a complaint to the police complaining over his subsequent threatening behaviour, prior to her death.

The Afghan boy is now charged with murder. The incident has shocked Kandel residents and is reminiscent of a similar recent case in the city of Freiburg, where an Afghan boy killed a medical student.

Germany took in almost one million asylum seekers during the height of the migration wave in 2015. However, Chancellor Angela Merkel has since come under criticism for her decision. Now, a coalition agreement between her conservative party and the center-left Social Democrats would see the number of asylum seekers allowed in per year capped at 220,000.