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Career Fairs in Kurdistan: A new hope for Kurdish youth

On 27 June 2018, the University of Kurdistan – Hewler successfully held its Career Fair in the university compound in city of Erbil, Kurdistan Region of Iraq. The Career Fair is a platform where connections and networking are established between businesses and job seeking university graduates and internship seekers.

More than 20 companies participated in the Career Fair from the telecommunications, humanitarian, automotive, food and beverages, and oil and gas sectors, bringing together more than 100 job opportunities.

Akram Salih, an attendee who is in his last year of studies in business administration and management, said, “Employers are always looking for experienced employees and fresh graduates have zero experience. Therefore, nobody will hire you because you do not have experience at the same time they do not give you the opportunity to gain experience. But at the Career Fair, we can find internships with companies and organisations that will give us less salary, but still it will build an experience to get a job after graduation.”

A female graduate stated, “The financial crisis in Kurdistan has left many people jobless. I graduated 2 years ago and worked only for 6 months in a company before they decided to reduce the number of employees because of the financial crisis. I tried applying for a job in many places but nobody replied to me. I even about travelling to Turkey or Dubai to try to find a job there. But today I applied to four different companies here and they looked very promising. I hope this time they will get back to me and I’ll finally get a job.”

Career Fair platforms started in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq in 2013. There was less business participation and sponsorship in 2016 and 2017, however, businesses are showing more interest in 2018. The American University of Iraq Sulaimani, Rwanga Foras project by Rwanga Organization, and The University of Kurdistan – Hewler, produce some of the best-known Career Fair platforms.

TMP – 18/07/2018

Photo credit: University of Kurdistan – Hewler website. Photo caption: A Student talking to one of the companies in the Career Fair.