Afghan migrants deported from Germany arrive in Kabul

TMP – 06/03/2017

A number of failed Afghan asylum seekers have arrived back in Kabul following deportation from Germany. Among a group of 50 migrants due to be deported, eighteen were returned on 23 February.

Speaking to Agence France Presse, Kabul airport official Taimoor Shah Hamidi said: “An elderly man was among the deportees and the rest were young Afghans who arrived in a charter plane from Munich.”

Germany Chancellor Angela Merkel’s cabinet also approved new measures on 22 February to expedite the the deportation of Afghans.

The deportees represent the third group to be returned as part of an agreement between Afghanistan and the EU, which aims to stem the flow of Afghan migrants by deporting failed asylum seekers back to provinces deemed safe in Afghanistan.

Since December, approximately 80 Afghan men have been deported by the German authorities after their asylum claims were rejected and were returned on charter flights to Kabul.

The German government is under pressure to act as the influx of migrants has boosted a right-wing populist and anti-immigration movement in the country, with the number of far-right hate crimes against foreigners reportedly increasing.

As part of new measures to speed up repatriations, German immigration officials will now be allowed to access asylum seekers’ smartphones and other digital devices to determine their identify and nationality in cases where they claim to have lost their passport.