New projects in Afghanistan set to create thousands of job opportunities

TMP – 01/03/2017

Afghanistan has recently seen a number of promising deals in the economic sector. On 16 February, an inauguration ceremony was held in Kabul for the International Chamber of Commerce’s Afghanistan branch. Addressing the ceremony, CEO Abdullah Abdullah said that the Afghanistan branch will play a key role in boosting the role of the private sector, attracting foreign direct investment and seeking solutions for some of the challenges faced by investors and manufacturers in the country.

Officials from the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) stressed that linking Afghan investors and businessmen to the international business community would help to attract international investments to Afghanistan, which in turn would help to create crucial job opportunities for local Afghans. At the same time, minister of economy Abdul Sattar Murad pledged to root out corporate corruption. “Corruption negates any policy, any law and action we make,” he said.

The ICC has three main priorities: setting rules of business and trade, dispute resolution, and policy advocacy.

Similarly, a conference was recently held to discuss the national export strategy. The Ministry of Commerce and Industries is developing this strategy, with financial help provided by the European Union, which will help to promote economic development in Afghanistan.

Finally, an agreement on the trans-Afghanistan natural gas pipeline project was signed between Turkman Gas and Afghan Gas on 21 February at the Presidential Palace. The project will see the Afghan government receive an estimated $400 million annually as transit money and will create thousands of job opportunities across the country.