EU Commision: ‘Europe no go fail two  times for migration mata’

De Vice-President for European Commission, wey be Margaritis Schinas, don dey warn im broad countries for Europe to make sure say dey no repeat de mistake wey dem make in 2015, wey be say dey com alawu migrants com dey enter Europe any how. 

“Europe no fit fail two times for migration mata,” na so Schinas com dey yan for press conference wey im hold wit press pepul afta de meeting wey ministers from 18 EU and Western Balkan nations attend.

E com talk say dat mistake cause seros political gbege for inside de European Union. 

TMP_ 15/08/2020

Image Credit: Shutterstock/ Ververidis Vasilis

Image Caption: Piraeus, Greece – Migrants and refugees wey don land for de port of Piraeus. Pepul from Syrian and Iraq wey wan continue dea journey to de borders after dem don land for de port