Naija don join bodi wit Niger and Benin to fight kurukere waka abrod

De Nigeria Customs Service (NCS) don tok say e don comot one kain ogbonge patrol team wey Benin and Niger Republics go join to make sure say dem stop smuggling and kurukere waka abrod for Naija.

De ogbonge join bodi wey dem call Joint Border Patrol Team (JBPT), go fight to make sure say all de kururere waka for de boda wey join de three contris stop patapata.

De tori be say de boda wey Naija get wit Niger and Benin Republics don become de easy way wey all dose kurukere waka and dia agents don dey folo take enta other African and European countris.


Photo credit: Shutterstock/Katya Tsvetkova

Photo caption: Governmental military guard in North Africa