This privacy policy talk about how the migrant project dey use and protect any informate wey you give the migrant project when you take use this owa website.

The migrant project dey committed to make sure say your privacy dey sure. If we talk say make una comot some informate whish fit make persin sabi who you be when you dey use dis awa website, we throway hand, put for chest, say the way we go use am, na only the way wey dey in line with this privacy statement.
The migrant project fit change this policy every every whend em update dis page. Make una dey look this page to sabi say you dey hapi with any changes.

Wetin we dey take

We fit take the following informate

  • Informate wey we fit use find you, e fit be ya email address, if una send us a kweshon
  • Una ip address
  • Informate on how una dey use the siteWetin we dey do with the informate wey we gather

We dey use dis informate to sabi your needs and make our site better. We no fit personally sabi who una be with the informate you give us.


We dey commit to make sure say your informate dey secure. To make sure say we don put in place better security to make sure say everything wey person put online dey very safe.

How we dey use cookies

A cookie na one kind of small file wey go first ask your permit to enter your computer or laptop. Once you gree make the cookie enter, the file go come add and the cookie go help you dey analyse web traffic matter or e go let you know when you visit another site.

Cookies dey allow web program to respond well to person. The web application fit come dey bring things wey you like well well to help to meet youe needs, plus things wey you like and things wey you no like, this dey happen like say all the informate wey you like, the cookie go gather and remember am well.

We also dey use traffic log cookies to help know which page person dey use. This one go help us analyse all the small small informate about the web page to improve our website, this go come help us to dey meet your need well.

All this informate na for us to use for plenty number analysis, when we use am finish, we go comot am from our system. We no dey keep am.

The koko be say, cookies dey help us to provide person with correct website, this na to ensure say we dey monitor all the pages wey ypu like and wey dey help you make sense, and the ones wey no make sense. The cookie no dey give us road to take any thing from you own computer o, or anything wey be your own private matter wey you no go like to share with us.

Person fit even choose to gree or no gree for the cookie matter. But plenty browser dey mostly dey say yes and dey accept cookie, but person fit change e browser setting to say no if e like. The bad thing be say, to use the website well no go too make sense, since the person don limit the process.

Other Road to other website

Our website fit get other small road to fit help you visit other website wey person like . but once person use this link comot for our own website, we no get power to control the other website. So, nobody fit come hold us to protect person informate when you waka go those other website, our privacy no reach other people website o.
We advise say make person no just enter another website, e go make you first check if dem sef get protection for your privacy o.

Control for your personal informate

We no dey pass any personal informate unless say the law talk so. We no dey give person secret informate to anoda person or company to do any paroles o top, like marketing or advert, and we no dey ever give other website person informate.

You may request details of personal information which we hold about you under the Data Protection Act 1998. A small fee will be payable. If you would like a copy of the information held on you please write to You can ask us not to use any of the information we collect.

You fit collect or ask for your own informate wey we dey hold about you, the law wey cover this na Data Protection Act of 1998. But na small money you go pay. If you wan copy of your informate, wey we get, just write us for this email address You fit ask us not to use any of your informate wey we collect.

Cookies and how e take Favor You

Our website dey use ookies, as almost all websites dey do too, na to help provide you with the best experience wey we fit give.
Cookies na small text files wey dey for your computer or mobile phone when you dey browse other websites dem.

  • Our cookies dey help us to do all this tins:
  • Na to make our website work as e go make sense to you
  • To help you remember your settings wen you dey browse and wen you visit again.
  • Na to improve the speed/security of our website
  • E dey allow you to share pages with other social networks like facebook.
  • E dey improve our website for you to enjoy.
  • E dey make our marketing better well well (las las na to help us to give yoy the best service for every thing we do for correct result and price)
  • We no dey use cookies to do any of this tins:
  • We no dey collect any body personal information wey go make other people know dem (without correct permission)
  • We no dey collect any sensitive informate (without correct permission)
  • We no dey pass your informate or any tin about to advertising networks
  • We no dey pass your own personal informate to anybody at all, even people wey no dey related to our work.
  • We no dey pay money for any sales commissions matter.

You fit still learn more about wetin cookies dey do

Give us the permit to use cookies

If the settings wey dey for your software wey you dey use view the website for (your browser) dey adjusted to accept cookies, for our mind, we go take am say you no get any wahala with am, that’s why you no change am, since e be say you still dey use our website.

But if you wan to comot am or if you no wan use am, you fit use this small informant wey we put don. Nut ,make you know say our site fit no work as e suppose be.

Our own cookies

We dey use cookies to make our website dey work plus say:

  • To remember your search settings well.

We no get way to stop cookies from usage, unless to say make una no kuku use our site.

Social Website Cookies

Person fit easily “Like” or even share our own informate fo Facebook and Twitter we don add all the buttons for our site.

Cookies dey set by:

  • AddThis – Privacy Policy provide us with plenty sharing buttons all at once inside one better package

The privacy wahala for this matter dey different for other social network to social network and e dey based on the type privacy settings wey you don select for dem the other networks.

Secret Visitor Statistics Cookies

We dey use cookies to gather all visitor statistics or number like say how many person being don visit our website, wetin be the type of technology wey dem use or wey dem dey use (e.g. Mac or Windows wey go help us to identify when our site no dey work well as e supposed to be for), how long person dey spend on the site, wetin be the page wey dem dey look pass etc. This informate go helps us to dey continue to improve our website. All these plenty number wey we gather wey we dey call “analytics” programs go tell us if , on secret basis, how people reach our site (e.g. from a search engine) and whether dem don visit our site before, this go come help us to put more money into developing our services for you instead of marketing spend.

Turn off Una Cookies

Person fit off cookies, na just to adjust browser settings for e computer to make am stop to dey accepting cookies (Learn am here). But to do so go reduce how the website go work. The thing be say very big proportion of the world’s websites dey use as cookies as a standard part of most modern websites.

But e fit be say you dey worry say cookies fit relate to wetin dem dey call “spyware”. So instead make person go off cookies for e browser, you fit just find wetin dem dey call anti-spyware software. This one go dey do the work to automatically delete any cookies wey wan spy for your computer by force.

Person fit use this link to learn more about managing cookies with antispyware software.