Owa mission

The world dey waka go, and million pipu dey waka go abroad everi year. Many of dese pipu dey see de harsh truth of wetin to waka go abroad mean for dis 21 st century, and dem dey see plenti risks fro de way.

For plenti waka go abroad pipu, it dey hard to find informate wey dey reliable and wey dem fit trust. For esample, tori wey dey for media fit dey only one sided, while informate wey smugglers and pipu traffickers dey give dem na de type wey no get correct truth and no dey show well-well the way irregular waka abroad dey.

De migrant project wan try to epp dis mata. We dey give informate and facts on waka abroad for plenti languages wey dey easy to understand and wey people wey wan waka fit reach, weda dem dey home or dem don dey deir waka.

OWA mission na to epp people wey dey waka go abroad sabi the kasala wey dem fit face as dem dey waka abroad and the realities of life for de country dem wan go and to epp dem make beta decision about wetin dem fit do. Dis include make we give informate about oda opportunities – weda for your country or for anoda place.

Owa work

De migrant project dey active for South Asia, De Middle East, East Africa and West Africa. For inside dese places, owa local counsellors dey give facts and correct informate to people wey dey consider to waka abroad. Dis include communicate in person and ova de phone, where owa staff dey answer waka-abroad questions. Dese sessions dey always dey secret. We dey also communicate with waka abroad pipu online thru owa facebook pages and dey organize events inside una local communities.

De migrant project dey get money to work from national governments, international organisations, NGOs and charitable foundations as an initiative of Seefar.

Call one of awa local counsellors or send us email if una go like to have more informate and facts about waka go abroad. You fit also follow us on facebook.

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