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Naija don join bodi wit Niger and Benin to fight kurukere waka abrod

De Nigeria Customs Service (NCS) don tok say e don comot one kain ogbonge patrol team wey Benin and Niger Republics go...
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Dem don save many migrants for Tunisian coast

Tunisian Navy don rescue about 50 migrants wey com from many African countries afta dem don spend five days for inside...
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Over 100 Naija pepul wey dey stranded for Niger don com bak

About 109 Naija migrants wey dey stranded for Niger Republic becos of Coro lokdown na im we hear say dem don cari dem...
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Boat aksident: Libyan Red Crescent don recova four pikin dead bodi 

Dead bodi of four pikin wey no pas 10 years for age na im dem don recova for de side of water wey dey Libya afta de...
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IOM don cari 16,800 Naija migrant com bak in 3 years

De International Organization for Migration wey be IOM don cari Naija kurukere traveler wey go pas 16,800 com back to...
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