Malta dey find EU help for Libya crisis

Malta don propose say make de European Union create a EUR 100 million help fund to stop humanitarian gbege from waka abroad pipu and asylum seekers for Libya.

De aid dey believed to be “de only sustainable and realistic option to avoid dis humanitarian crisis and save lives of men, women and shidren,” according to a letter to de EU’s external relations representative Josep Borrel from Malta’s Minister for Foreign Affairs, Evarist Bartolo and Bryon Camilleri, Minister for Home Affairs.

Talking say it lack resources and no ability to welcome more waka abroad pipu, Malta dey try to empower Libya as “a safe port for waka abroad pipu to land.” Italy and Malta be de frontline of Europe’s irregular waka abroad crisis via de Central Mediterranean. Both kountries close deir ports to waka abroad rescue ships last week on top consigns wey relate to coronavirus.

TMP_ 21/04/2020

Photo credit: Shutterstock/AndriiKoval

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