Police remove migrants from makeshift Paris camp

A makeshift refugee camp near Porte de la Chapelle, Paris.

TMP – 31/05/2017

About 1,000 Afghan and African migrants have been expelled from a makeshift camp in the Porte de la Chappelle area in northern Paris, France.

In a written statement, the French police said the makeshift camp posed “major risk for the security and health of their occupants as well as for local residents”.

The operation, which involved about 350 officers, took place without reports of violence or injury.

The authorities have moved the migrants into temporary accommodation provided by the authorities but there remains a lack of official accommodation.

The French police are now focused on using arrests and detention to discourage migrants from sleeping rough or setting up new makeshift camps in the capital.

The evictions follow last year’s closure of the “Jungle” refugee camp in Calais, northern France, and the recent destruction of another migrant camp in Dunkirk. The latter was destroyed in a huge fire that started after a fight broke out among Afghan and Kurdish migrants in the camp.