More than 34,000 refugee children to be enrolled in Ethiopian schools

TMP – 16/08/2017

Ethiopia’s Administration for Refugee and Returnee Affairs (ARRA) has announced plans to enroll more than 34,000 refugee children in Ethiopian primary schools in the next school year.

A statement from ARRA reported that a total of 300 classrooms are being constructed in 27 refugee camps and teaching materials are being provided as well.

The Ethiopian government aims to increase the total number of refugee students who are enrolled in Ethiopian schools from the current level of 116,500 to 151,000 students during the next academic year ARRA said. The refugee authority is also working to increase the number of refugee students in secondary schools to more than 2,500 during the next school year.

In addition, the Ethiopian government has announced that it will start the registration of vital events, including birth, marriage, divorce and death, for refugees in the country.

Previously, refugees in Ethiopia found it difficult or impossible to access legal registration of such events. This meant many had to illegally migrate to countries such as Sudan or Uganda to be able to get legal documents related to birth and marriage registration.
Ethiopia currently hosts more than 800,000 refugees, with most coming from Eritrea, Somalia, Sudan and South Sudan.