African Union calls on member states to tackle causes of migration

Photo credit: African Union. Acting Director of the African Union Peace and Security Department Dr. Admore Kambudzi.

TMP – 14/12/2017

The African Union (AU) is calling on individual member states to take responsibility and act decisively to counter human trafficking and mass migration by addressing the root causes of migration.
Acting Director of the AU Peace and Security Department, Dr. Admore Kambudzi, said African governments must create conducive environments to discourage their citizens from migrating abroad.

Speaking to a local Ghanaian radio station, Dr. Kambudzi urged African governments to be proactive in dealing with illegal migration, human trafficking and slave trade of their citizens.

“African countries must create an environment that will attract our young people to realise their talents in Africa and not go and die in the Mediterranean,” he said. “We have all the resources here…our young people are running away from the continent. Why? Because the political leaders are not playing their role to create the environment that is attractive enough to keep our young people here.”

His comments come after a CNN report showed African migrants being sold as slaves in Libya, sparking a global outcry. The report revealed that hundreds of migrants are being auctioned in modern-day slave markets for as little as US$400 per person.

Libya is a major smuggling hub for migrants trying to reach Europe via the Mediterranean. Migrants in the country risk violence, abuse, imprisonment and torture from smugglers, local militias and even detention centre guards.

Leaders from Europe and Africa are currently working on an emergency plan to start with the evacuation of as many as 700,000 migrants from Libya.