Cold weather killed dozens across Europe this winter, including migrants

This winter, Europe experienced severe weather conditions, with heavy snowfall and low temperatures affecting many countries across the continent. In some countries, the temperature dropped to minus 15 degrees as the continent was blasted with a Siberian cold front.

More than 60 people are estimated to have died due to the severe weather conditions. Several migrants also died due to lack of adequate shelter, heating and proper clothing.

A migrant woman died because of the cold weather in Sweden after she left an asylum center along with her daughter and son. She was found in a forest “poorly dressed”, according to a Swedish newspaper. Her daughter was in critical condition while her son was still in good health, the Independent reported in early March.

In France, where four people lost their lives as result of cold weather, a man from Libya died in Saintes, a town located in the west of the country. The 41-year-old migrant was found dead in an abandoned train carriage and was suspected to have died of hypothermia.

In Austria, police managed to rescue five migrants who were abandoned by people smugglers on a motorway near the city of Graz, with some of them walking barefoot in the cold weather.

In total, around 60 deaths were recorded across Europe this winter, with vulnerable groups like migrants, asylum seekers and homeless people at particular risk.

“Homeless people and refugees and migrants can be especially vulnerable. Their risk increases if they lack adequate shelter, proper clothing, food and medical care,” the WHO said in a statement.

Photo caption: The Barracks, Belgrade, Serbia, 2017. Forced to wash in the cold during a harsh winter in Belgrade, this Afghan migrant uses heated up water to wash his body.


TMP – 06/06/2018