Germany to resettle last few migrants from Greece and Italy

Photo credit: dpa-German Press Agency.

TMP – 28/02/018

Germany will only resettle a few hundred migrants from Italy and Greece as the EU’s migrant relocation programme draws to a close, the German Interior Ministry said on 29 January.

Annegret Korff, a speaker for the Interior Ministry, told Deutsche Welle (DW) that the country had already resettled far more migrants than other EU member states. Germany had been slated to take in 27,000 migrants under the EU’s resettlement scheme but ultimately accepted around 10,000.

Explaining that to be eligible for the programme applicants must be from a country where the chances of successful asylum are at least 75 percent, Korff said far fewer people had fulfilled the necessary criteria for relocation than initially expected.
“The relocation scheme ended in September 2017, meaning all applicants arriving after that date will no longer be eligible for resettlement,” Annegret Korff added.

“Germany largely completed all outstanding relocations by the end of 2017. In the coming weeks, Germany will only carry out the odd resettlement case that was left outstanding from last year.”

Under the EU’s relocation scheme, launched in the wake of the 2015 migrant crisis, EU member states agreed to relocate some 160,000 asylum seekers between them from Italy and Greece by the end of September last year. This number was later reduced to under 100,000 after EU officials learned that far fewer were eligible for resettlement.