Human traffickers arrested in Afghanistan

Abdul Basir Anwar, the Justice Minister of Afghanistan, has said that the government has taken bold steps to combat human trafficking in the country, with more than 77 suspected smugglers and human traffickers  arrested recently.

The statement came days after the US government expressed concerns about the government’s ability to address human trafficking.

Abdul Basir Anwar, who chairs the commission on human trafficking, said that significant achievements have been made by the government.

Afghanistan is currently ranked tier 2 in the US government’s Trafficking in Persons report. This means it doesn’t currently comply with certain standards to combat human trafficking but that it is making efforts to comply with those standards.

In a telephone conversation with The Migrant Project, Aman Riazat, spokesperson for the Ministry of Justice, said: “We know the importance of combating human trafficking as Afghanistan is a country where people migrate to neighbouring countries and Europe. The Afghan government is dedicated to the fight against human trafficking. We have a counter-human trafficking law in place. So far, 77 people have been arrested in connection with human trafficking offences. Of these, four have been punished with life imprisonment, two have received a death penalty and 18 others have received medium and long-term sentences.”

The spokesperson also added that the government has initiated advocacy activities in ten provinces with community elders to increase the awareness among local citizens of the dangers of human trafficking.

TMP – 09/09/2018

Photo Credit: The Afghan Herald. Photo caption: Abdul Basir Anwar, Justice Minister, wants to combat human trafficking.


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