Iraqi Kurdish man extradited back to Germany after confessing raping and killing a teenage girl

A 20-year-old Iraqi Kurdish man who was denied the right to German asylum in 2016 has confessed to raping and killing a 14-year-old German girl and fleeing to his home country through Turkey with his seven family members.

According to German Interior Minister Horst Seehofer, Ali Bashar was arrested in northern Iraq and extradited back to Germany immediately after being identified as a suspect.

The plane carrying Ali Bashar took off from the Iraqi Kurdish capital of Erbil and landed in Frankfurt, Germany on 10 June.

After a refugee residing in the same asylum center as Bashar warned police about his potential involvement in the case, German authorities issued an international arrest warrant for the Iraqi migrant. According to media reports, Bashar was arrested in the city of Zakho, which borders the Kurdish region of Turkey, after his family assisted police in identifying his location.

The German newspaper Bild reported that after being detained, Bashar confessed to murdering the 14-year-old German girl, whose body was found near a reception center in Wiesbaden, where the suspect had previously lived. An autopsy revealed that the victim was sexually abused before being murdered.

German authorities are facing significant public scrutiny in their handling of the girl’s disappearance and how the suspect was able to leave the country undetected. The government is also facing criticism, as its migration policy permitted Bashar and his family to stay in a German refugee centre as his asylum rejection was being appealed.

Violent crimes perpetrated by refugees and migrants have sparked anti-immigrant sentiments in Germany and other European countries. Far-right German activists critical of the country’s liberal migration policy took to the streets in Mainz on Saturday 9 June to protest.

In response to public outrage, Interior Minister Seehofer has proposed a new policy, which enforces speedy deportation for migrants who are denied asylum, “I am for the rule of law and order but we can’t impinge on the ability of the state to take action,” he said.

TMP – 20/07/2018


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