Italy signs deal with Libya’s southern neighbors to curb migration

Interior ministers from Libya, Chad, Niger and Italy (Photo credit of Ansa)

TMP – 09/06/2017

Italy has signed a deal to set up migrant reception centres in Chad and Niger to curb the flow of migrants before they reach Libya.

The deal, which was reached during a summit of the interior ministers of Italy, Libya, Chad and Niger, will see stronger border controls along Libya’s shared border with Chad and Niger.

A joint statement by the interior ministers of the four countries said they had also agreed to set up migrant reception centres in both Chad and Niger, key transit countries for migrants who travel from west Africa to Libya.

According to the statement, the ministers agreed “to support the creation of centers for undocumented migrants in Niger and Chad as well as the work of such centers in Libya in accordance with the international humanitarian standards.”

The four minsters also agreed to cooperate in the fight against terrorism and human trafficking and to improve border security by establishing a network of contacts between the border control forces. In addition, the four countries agreed to support the creation of a legal economy in the border areas to substitute a trafficking dependent economy.