Italy funds improvements to detention centres in Libya

TMP _ 19/09/2017

Italy is allocating six million euros to non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to improve the human rights situation for migrants stuck in detention centres in Libya.

The six-million-euro tender to NGOs interested in working in the Libyan detention centres will launch “very shortly, by the end of this month,” deputy foreign minister Mario Giro told Italian media.

“The Libyan authorities will be totally involved too, asking them to give us access,” Giro said.

Giro put out a call to interested NGOs and several humanitarian groups and charities attended a meeting with him in Rome.  “We don’t want to abandon these people in hell,” Giro said.

“This is why Italy’s international cooperation agency is taking action…without waiting for the UN Refugee Agency or the International Organization for Migration,” Giro explained.

An additional three million euros will be allocated to Libyan towns where there are migrant detention centres.

In an effort to drastically decrease the flow of migrants across the Mediterranean, the NGO funding is the latest in a series of actions by the Italian government. Italy has also issued a code of conduct for rescue organisations operating in the Mediterranean between Libya and Italy and is supporting Libya’s coastguard to curb migrant flows.