Migrants in Libya used for organ trade, alleges lawyer

Photo credit: CCN. One migrant in Libya who told CNN he was sold as a slave.

TMP – 14/12/2017

Slavery in Libya has gone beyond the auctioning of people and some migrants are being used for the organ trade, a Ghanaian lawyer has told online news site GhanaWeb.
Following a recent investigative report by CNN into slave markets in Libya auctioning off African migrants, lawyer Bobby Banson said he had seen videos of people trapped in slavery, where at least one person alleged that body parts of others were harvested and sold abroad.

“…The truth is that they are not sold to go and work, but their human parts are harvested… kidney, liver are in high demand in these areas,” Banson said.

“They are put on some drugs and their parts are harvested and resold. So that is actually what is happening, and that is a crime against humanity,” Banson told TV3’s New Day.

The lawyer appealed to the African Union to set up an ad-hoc court to investigate the allegations.

Meanwhile, UN secretary-general António Guterres, who condemned the slave markets as “appalling acts”, has ordered that the slave trade allegations be investigated by competent authorities to bring the perpetrators to justice.

The African Union has also called for action to protect migrants and bring their smugglers to justice. Additionally, Libyan Deputy Prime Minister Ahmed Metig confirmed that his UN-backed Government of National Accord (GNA) would investigate the slave markets uncovered by CNN.