Migrants protest against conditions in Greek refugee camp

Photo credit: BBC. Migrants protesting “unbearable” living conditions.

TMP – 07/12/2017

Around 100 migrants living in the Moria refugee camp on the Greek island of Lesbos took part in a protest against the living conditions in the camp, euronews reported in November.

According to data from the Greek government, some 8,000 migrants currently live on Lesbos. As many as 5,500 are housed in Moria – which has become chronically over-crowded and unsanitary protesters now refer to it as a “prison”.

Migrants in the camp say they are living in appalling conditions and that they rarely receive enough food or water. A number of charity organisations in Greece have been urging the government to do more to protect migrants from the harsh winter weather on its way.

“You have to help us, it’s a human thing, don’t let us (remain) in this prison of Moria. I want to talk about the toilets: it’s very disgusting, there’s no water, no cleaning. Everybody lives here as if they were dead!” said Wasim Shahnawaz from Afghanistan.

Dozens of people continue to arrive on the Aegean islands everyday, and almost all try to claim asylum. Under the terms of an agreement between the European Union and Turkey, they must stay on the islands until the end of the asylum procedure – facing deportation back to Turkey when requests are refused. Many of those in the Moria camp have been there for years.

Moria is “severely overcrowded”, Boris Cheshirkov of the UN refugee agency told Agence France Presse. “We continue to ask the government urgently to relieve the overcrowding in Moria,” he said.