Denmark join bodi with 2 African countries to fight kurukere travel

Denmark don carry the war against irregular travel from Africa to Europe for head. E don join bodi with Rwanda and Tunisia to make sure say e stop kurukere travel to Europe. Na Austria na im dey support Denmark with money for dis fight.

Dis fights go dey for two stage. For the first stage, Denmark go support Tunisia make im build centre where dem go train people wey go make sure say their border dey kampe. This na to make sure say human traffickers and smuggler no go fit pass the border. Na for three years na im Denmark go provide money for dis first stage. 

The second phase happen for Rwanda, where dem go come build centre for migrants wey dem bring back from Libya.

TMP_ 11/06/2020

Photo credit: ShutterStock/Kavalenkava

Photo caption: Christiansborg, palace and government building, the seat of parliament, in central Copenhagen, capital of Denmark